Hillsborough Leaded Glass – 1920′s Remodel

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A 1920’s period home in Hillsborough was undergoing a major remodel.

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Legacy Glass was commissioned to create leaded glass for windows and cabinetry throughout the home based on an existing design element – the quatrefoil.  The entryway, original to the home, already had antique restoration glass in a repeating quatrefoil design.


The nearly 7 ft tall windows in the grand stairwell had existing stained glass.  The original artist is unknown.

It was first thought that Legacy Glass could design something similar, but more appropriate for the period of the home.  We suggested that first we remove the existing stained glass so we can see what kind of light and view we have, both of which had been totally blocked by the existing stained glass.


Upon seeing the glorious canopy of the giant oak tree, it was a no-brainer to maximize this view by using the same clear antique restoration glass as in the entryway, but with a new design that incorporated the quatrefoils.  The homeowner expressed an interest in overlapping circles, so we worked that into the design as well.

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Both the homeowner and designer loved the unique blending of the two design elements.  And the clear, slightly wavy, antique glass made the spectacular new view even more charming and, as a bonus, flooded the stairwell with natural light.

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We used variations of this same design for new leaded glass throughout the home.  The idea was to complement each other so they look like they belong together, but not match exactly (which would be boring).

Adams L - Final 11-07-55-384

While the “view” window used a clear antique glass to highlight the view, other leaded glass throughout the home used a lightly seeded glass in areas requiring slight obscurity (coffee bar and elevator door), and a heavily seeded glass in areas requiring privacy (water closet and bathroom windows).

Nov 23 024Show3Nov 23 022Nov 23 019 11-07-56-7733gOnce installation was completed, it was unanimously agreed that the new leaded glass looked original to the home — from the windows to the doors to the cabinetry.  The designer had intended to hang a tapestry on a side wall in the stairwell, but opted against it, not wanting to compete with the “art” of the leaded glass windows and the shimmering light they cast upon the walls.  The homeowner shared with me her ongoing delight in watching visitors catch their breath upon first sight of the magnificent leaded glass windows.  They truly make a statement!

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