Custom Design Stained Glass

What is Custom Design Art Glass and Stained Glass?

Legacy Glass is a glass company proud to be carrying on a long tradition of creating beautiful art glass for architectural, commercial and personal applications. We make custom designed art glass, stained glass and leaded glass in the San Francisco Bay area and peninsula. We have been serving the art and stained glass needs on the peninsula for over ten years.  Our custom design leaded glass and stained glass can be found in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atherton, Hillsborough, Los Altos, Mountain View, Redwood City, Portola Valley, Saratoga, Los Gatos and more.

What is Art Glass?

Art glass is a broad term that encompasses specific categories such as stained glass, beveled glass, leaded glass, fused glass, etched glass, sandblasted glass and more.

What is stained glass?

Stained glass is probably the first thing that comes to mind for many people when they think of art glass. Stained glass is technically a material – glass that is colored with added minerals or by painting on colors. However stained glass also gets used to describe the windows, panels or pieces of art created from the colored glass. Stained glass windows were traditionally found in places of worship or in the homes and buildings of the wealthy because of their great beauty and the cost of crafting such incredible pieces. Read more about stained glass here