With well over 1000 clients, Legacy Glass has a very healthy portfolio of installed designs.  Here are some examples to show what’s possible.  For more ideas, please visit us to see works in progress, glass samples, and tons of other designs and photos.

Any design can be used in any room and for any application.  If you see a design you like in a front door, that same design can be applied to a bathroom window, cabinet doors, or even a skylight.

Featured Stained Glass and Art Glass Projects

Hillsborough Leaded Glass – 1920’s Remodel

Palo Alto Stained Glass – Steve Young’s Dome

Carved Art Glass – Astronomy Window – Vail, CO

Warning:  Art glass is addictive!

Stained Glass, Leaded Glass and Beveled Glass…



Traditional & Period





















Beveled Glass







Floral & Landscape







Whimsical &




Clear textures thumbnai




Clear Textures