Palo Alto Stained Glass – Steve Young’s Dome

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Palo Alto Stained Glass DomeSteve and Barb Young wanted a large leaded glass dome atop the grand stairwell in their new home in Palo Alto CA.  Their designer in Utah gave us a photo of their favorite flower, the gardenia, for inspiration for the design.  They wanted something simple, yet elegant.

Well, what could be more simple and elegant than a single flower blossoming open with their gorgeous chandelier extending down from the center?  So we captured the organic beauty of the single flower from the photo and added random leaves around the edges.

Young - Flower ImageA digital to-scale image of the design showing sample art glass was emailed to all those involved in the project for feedback and approval.

Then we met with the Steve and Barb in their home to choose the actual art glass.  They wanted the flower to look fresh cut, so we recommended the perfect shades of opalescent art glass that provided both a vibrant glow of light and rich depth of color.  Barb was amazed how perfectly the white glass captured the milky translucence of actual gardenia petals.

Young - FinalWe designed and built a total of 76 leaded glass panels for the 10 ft diameter dome.  The Youngs loved the results – it was just the look they wanted — and they encouraged us to use them as a reference.

Steve Young 1

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