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   Restoration and Repair  Functional Art Glass

Legacy Glass is known for unique and beautiful designs that bring to life our client’s vision – whether that vision already exists or we create it together.  We focus on our client’s preferences for style and decor, color vs clear, privacy needs, and the “feeling” evoked when viewed.  Clients often tell us the end result is better than they ever imagined.

If you have a particular design in mind, we can begin there.  If you don’t, we know how to get there in a way that’s painless, interesting, and even fun.

The design process begins by seeing where the art glass will be installed (on-site visit or via photos) and discussing in detail your preferences, wants, and needs.

Some things to consider are:

  • What is the architecture and overall style of your home or building?
  • Is there a theme or decor element you tend to prefer or want highlighted?
  • Are you looking for privacy and/or is there a view you want to obscure?
  • Do you want maximum light, subtle glow, or a different effect?
  • Do you want the art glass to be the focal point or an accent?
  • Do you prefer a more ornate design or something simple?  (We often look at a person’s jewelry for clues:  filigree = ornate.)
  • Do you want any color in the design, just clear glass, clear textureStained Glass Floral and Dragonflyd glass, beveled glass, or some combination?  (We can help you decide.)
  • Do you want your response when viewing the art glass to be “Wow!” or “Aaaahhhh…” or some other feeling?
  • Is there some special meaning or inspiration you want incorporated in the design?  (your initials, the memory of a loved one, a special event, a hobby or interest)  Why not have your art also be a conversation piece?

With this direction, we go to work creating your design (or often multiple designs from which to choose) and then revise as needed until we get your perfect design.

All our design work is hand-drawn with a unique software specially designed for art glass.  We provide you, either in-person or via email, a to-scale version of your design, often with actual glass samples incorporated into the design.  A full size version of the design can be printed to view it actual size.  We can even insert your design into your architectural drawings to give you a better idea of how the design will look when installed.

Once the design is finalized, we choose or confirm the art glass and other materials.  Clients tell us this is one of the most exciting parts of the process because this is when the design truly comes to life.

Our intention is to take the guesswork out of creating art, so there are no surprises and you are completely delighted with the results as well as the process.


Clients tell us we’re the best value based on our creativity, craftsmanship, and service.

Pricing for custom art glass is based on the overall size, complexity of design, and type of glass and materials used.  Projects with unusual specifications have unique pricing, but most projects fall into a predictable range of sq ft pricing.  Straight line and geometric designs are at the lower end; organic designs like florals and landscapes are at the higher end.  Within a particular design, the glass and material choices can bump the cost up or down.

Once the design, materials, and pricing are finalized, a 50% deposit begins production and the balance is due upon completion and approval.


Based on the design and installation specifications, we’ll work with you to determine the ideal fabrication method for your art glass.  It could be lead came, copper foil, fused glass-on-glass mosaic, some combination, or something else entirely.  Creativity doesn’t end with design; it’s present throughout the entire process of building your art glass and bringing it to life.

All our art glass is hand-made by highly skilled artisans.  Each piece of glass is hand-cut, the metal is hand-cut, all soldering is done by hand, and all patina and glazing is applied by hand.  This is the much same way art glass has been made for centuries; however, electricity and technology make our jobs much easier today.

The fabrication process begins with full size printouts of your design.  This assures us accuracy to 1/16″ inch of your panel size (which impresses our contractor clients) and that every line and curve of your design is replicated exactly as intended.

Then we cut the glass.  Each piece of glass is carefully chosen for the specific location, color, grain, and look we want, and then cut and ground to the perfect shape and size.  The glass pieces are all laid out on the design to preview what it will look like when completed.

Once all the glass is fine-tuned for the perfect look, then we begin to fabricate the pieces together with the metal — like putting together a puzzle.  Then we solder together all the metal on both sides.  (A local metal sculptor marvels at the quality of our solder joints!)

The next step is applying the patina and/or glazing putty to the art glass.  We prefer the traditional dark charcoal color of patina and think it best highlights the art glass, but other options are available.  Once the putty cures, the art glass is hand-buffed and polished for delivery.

Clients often stop by to see their works in progress.  It’s a fun chance to visit and see their vision come to life!


Art glass can be insulated for protection from accident and the weather, increased energy efficiency, noise reduction, and easier cleaning.  Both new and existing art glass can be insulated, whether it was created by us or not.  We’re known as the “go to” insulators for art glass.

Typically we sandwich and seal the art glass between 2 pieces of clear tempered glass using custom foam desiccant spacers for a solid unit with no rattling.  These insulated units are 5/8″ thick to 1″ thick (or thicker) depending on the installation specifications.

Pricing for insulation is sq ft based and includes the cost of the tempered glass, the insulating materials, and the labor to build the units.


Installing art glass requires knowledge and experience.  We use only our own licensed and bonded journeyman glaziers to install our art glass — both new and those we’ve repaired.

Art glass is an investment and proper installation assures it will be enjoyed for decades to come.


Our clients, especially building professionals, count on us to deliver their custom art glass on time.  Often we finish early and have to store the art glass until the job site is ready for the installation.

Typical turnaround times for custom art glass are 2-3 weeks for small projects, 3-4 weeks for medium projects, and 4-5 weeks for larger projects.  Special order materials require extra time up front to receive.  Insulated art glass requires extra time for the glazing to cure.


Our job isn’t complete once your art glass is installed.  We can guide you on care and cleaning (it’s very easy) and any other questions or concerns you have about your art glass going forward.

Warning:  Art glass is addictive!  Don’t be surprised if you walk around your house and start to crave more art glass!

Restoration and Repair  Functional Art Glass