Restoration and Repair

Custom Design  Functional Art Glass

We care deeply about preserving the legacy of glass artists who came before us, many of whom are no longer with us.  Many of these works are family heirlooms or simply art that our clients love and want to continue to enjoy.

From a simple stained glass lamp repair to a full restoration of art glass in a historic building, each project gets the same level of commitment and attention to detail.  Replicating the original artist’s style and craftsmanship is a challenge we enjoy and results in repair work that is virtually undetectable.  Clients are often stunned they cannot tell where the repair was made.

Many repairs can be done on-site, while the majority are done in our studio.  For on-site repairs, we bring our studio to you and it’s typically just one visit.  Sometimes the damaged art glass must be professionally removed from a door or window by our glaziers, the opening boarded up temporarily, the art glass repaired in our studio, and then re-installed.  Other repairs our clients bring to us, or we go get if our client is uncomfortable transporting it.

Re-purposing Art Glass

Perhaps you have art glass that doesn’t need repair or restoration, but needs modification to re-purpose it for another application.  For example, you want to modify some antique stained glass windows you bought at an auction to use in your new cabinet doors.  We can enlarge a panel, decrease the size, separate a large panel into smaller ones, combine smaller panels into a larger one, and so on.  It’s fun to explore the possibilities!


Pricing is a unique to each job and is based on the magnitude of the damage or modification, number of pieces of glass involved, type of glass, and the size, shape, and location of the glass in the art piece.  Clients tell us we’re the best value based on our knowledge, expertise, and service.  And we love it when our clients can’t tell where the repair was made!


Often times it makes sense to insulate repaired art glass to prevent further damage from age or accident.  Insulating offers the bonus benefits of increased energy efficiency, noise reduction, and easier cleaning.  Both new and existing art glass can be insulated, whether it was created by us or not.  We’re known as the “go to” insulators for art glass.

Typically we sandwich and seal the art glass between 2 pieces of clear tempered glass using custom foam desiccant spacers for a solid unit with no rattling.  These insulated units are 5/8″ thick to 1″ thick (or thicker) depending on the installation specifications.

Pricing for insulation is sq ft based and includes the cost of the tempered glass, the insulating materials, and the labor to build the units.


Removing damaged art glass requires knowledge, experience, and lots of patience.  We use only our own licensed and bonded journeyman glaziers to remove and re-install our art glass repairs.  Art glass is an investment and proper removal and re-installation assures it will be enjoyed for decades to come.


Our clients, especially building professionals, count on us for timely repair and restoration work.  Turnaround time is typically 1-3 days for a small project, 4-7 days for a medium project, and 7-14 days for a larger project.

Custom Design  Functional Art Glass