Art glass is an investment and proper installation assures it will be enjoyed for decades to come.

Unless you have a contractor/handyman in mind, we prefer to install your art glass ourselves so we can be 100% responsible that all goes well.  We will deliver to the job site, remove any existing pieces of glass (and discard it unless you want to keep it), and install the new leaded glass panels.

For exterior windows, especially if the panels are insulated, we highly recommend using our own contracted glaziers to install the art glass. It takes a particular level of skill and expertise to install insulated panels in a way that prevents any future issue. We offer our 5-year warranty on insulated panels, but only if our glaziers do the installation.

Note: We do not install art glass that was not built/repaired by Legacy Glass.

bevel cluster leaded glass stained glass skylight clear textured glass palo alto atherton menlo park san jose san francisco bay area legacy glass.JPG