Stained Glass Repairs & Restorations

From a simple stained glass lamp repair to a full restoration of art glass in a historic building, each project gets the same level of commitment and attention to detail.  We care deeply about preserving the legacy of glass artists who came before us.  Replicating the original artist’s style and craftsmanship is a challenge we enjoy and results in repair work that is virtually undetectable.

The majority of repairs are done in our studio, so the art glass must be brought to us, either by you or by our glaziers. For larger jobs, your panel(s) will be professionally removed from your door or window by our glaziers who will then temporarily board-up the opening for security. They will deliver the panel to our studio for repair, and return to you and re-install it once complete.

Pricing is a unique to each job and is based on the magnitude of the damage or modification, number of pieces of glass involved, type of glass, and the size, shape, and location of the glass in the art piece.  Clients tell us we’re the best value based on our knowledge, expertise, and service. 

Our clients, especially building professionals, count on us for timely repair and restoration work.

stained glass On-Site Repairs

For cases where an on-site repair is possible, we bring our studio to you and typically complete the job in one visit. Whether on-site is possible depends on the type and shape of the glass, the quantity of broken pieces, and the nature of the damage. Often this can be determined via photo, if not, then we will visit to assess on-site.

Check out our portfolio on the Repairs page. If you have a repair or restoration of your own, contact us to schedule a drop-off or removal!  If you have photos of the glass in need of repair, please include them in your email.

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