Both new and existing art glass can be insulated, whether it was created by us or not. Often times it makes sense to insulate repaired art glass to prevent further damage from age, accident or weather.  Insulating offers the bonus benefits of increased energy efficiency, security, noise reduction, and easier cleaning.

Triple insulating means we sandwich and seal the single-pane leaded glass panel between 2 pieces of clear glass using foam desiccant spacers and urethane to create a single insulated unit, all of which is done in-house. These insulated units are typically 3/4" thick, but can vary from miniumum 5/8″ thick to 1″ thick (or thicker) depending on the installation specifications.

Triple-insulating can help with noise reduction, energy efficiency, and security and is easier to clean. Single pane applications also have their perks in that you can feel the leaded glass and it provides a more traditional, purist look.

Pricing for insulation is sq ft based and includes the cost of the tempered glass, the insulating materials, and the labor to build the units. It will extend your project's lead time by a week or more, depending on the weather. (If it is raining or has recently rained, we cannot insulate because moisture will get locked inside the panel.)